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Holding local governments accountable for your injuries

Bhurtel Law Firm helps you build your case against the municipality that caused your injuries. Municipal governments have a duty to provide safe conditions for the public. If your injuries were caused by the negligence of a government entity, our experienced attorney will pursue your claim involving:

Buses: Municipalities have a duty to ensure that buses are safe for passengers.

Subway: Commuter trains and stations must be secure and safe.

Sidewalks: Local governments are responsible for repairing defects in public walkways, such as unsafe surfaces, loose concrete and large gaps.

Public pools: Cities have a duty to keep public pools clean and safe.

City vehicles: Municipalities are responsible for harm caused by public works vehicles, such as police cars, fire engines and garbage trucks.

Law enforcement: Police must not use unreasonable force or endanger the public.

Roadways: Municipalities must maintain roads to prevent injuries to pedestrians and vehicles.

Our personal injury lawyer will investigate your accident and file a claim with the municipality that is responsible. We answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process. The goal of our attorney is to reach a settlement swiftly so you receive the compensation you deserve and can move on with your life.

Was your car accident caused by municipal negligence?

Municipalities have a duty to properly maintain public roadways and remove any hazards. If your accident was caused by negligent road maintenance, you can seek damages from the municipality that is responsible.  Conditions that can result in municipality liability for your auto accident include:

Broken traffic lights: Traffic signals must be reliable.

Fallen trees: Road debris is dangerous to drivers and causes many accidents.

Potholes: Openings in the road create a public danger.

Inadequate road barriers: Signs and barricades must be in place to inform drivers of hazardous conditions such as narrow lanes, detours and uneven pavement.

Mr. Durga P. Bhurtel has been selected for Top 50 Settlement Attorney of New York for 2018
Mr. Durga P. Bhurtel has been selected for Top 50 Settlement Attorney of New York for 2018

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In personal injury cases, we offer free initial consultations and are compensated on a contingency-fee basis, which means you owe us nothing unless you receive compensation. We speak Nepali, Hindi, Urdu and Spanish.

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