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Bhurtel Law Firm has the experience and resources to help you collect compensation if you have been injured because of a public utility company’s negligence.

Our personal injury attorney handles a variety of claims arising out of accidents caused by public utility companies, including:

  • Power outages: The loss of power creates risky situations for electric company customers. Sometimes outages are no one’s fault, such as those caused by bad weather. However, an exploding transformer can be the result of improper installation or a manufacturing defect.
  • Power lines: Electric companies are responsible for making sure overhead wires are not at risk from overgrown tree limbs and other hazards. Insufficient electrical pole height, inadequate separation from other wires or too much slack in a line can create extremely dangerous situations.
  • Gas lines: A leaking gas line can cause an explosion. A gas company must use reasonable care when it installs gas pipes, and it is responsible for defects in any pipes, meters or fittings that are caused by negligence.

Can the power companies be held liable for loss of power during a storm?

People and businesses know their electricity may go out during a storm. The loss of power causes dangerous conditions, including:

  • Darkened staircases
  • Spoiled food
  • Loss of traffic lights
  • Inoperative security monitors

Except under special circumstances, electric companies, such as Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) and the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), cannot be held responsible for the loss of power during a storm. The New York Court of Appeals has held that a public utility company’s liability is limited to damages caused by the utility’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.  This means a claimant must prove a greater degree of fault than regular negligence.

To successfully pursue your claim, our attorney must prove:

  • You are a customer of the power company
  • You had a loss of power
  • The power outage caused your injuries
  • The power company’s gross or willful negligence caused the outage
Mr. Durga P. Bhurtel has been selected for Top 50 Settlement Attorney of New York for 2018
Mr. Durga P. Bhurtel has been selected for Top 50 Settlement Attorney of New York for 2018

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