Cranes, steel beams and other machines and materials make construction sites dangerous places to be and to work. However, by following safety guidelines, wearing safety gear and working responsibly, many accidents can be prevented. When accidents do occur on construction sites, they are often severe — even fatal. The following list contains examples of some of the more common types of construction accident injuries:

Traumatic brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur when there is a hard impact or penetration to the skull. A concussion is a minor form of TBI. On a construction site, falling debris, slip and fall accidents and vehicle accidents can cause varying degrees of head and brain injuries.

Dismemberment: Powerful and dangerous machines are used regularly in the construction industry. If one of these machines malfunctions, is used irresponsibly or is used by an inexperienced worker, dismemberment or limb amputation may occur.

Fall injuries: If you fall off a ladder, scaffolding, hoist, sling or similar device, under New York’s scaffolding law, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for your accident.

Burns: Hazardous chemicals are common in construction. Many of these chemicals can cause disfiguring burns. In addition, burns may occur as a result of electrocution from improperly installed or defective wiring and electrical systems.

Whether you are a worker or pedestrian, if you suffer injury on or around a construction site, it is in your best interests to contact a reputable law firm. After reviewing the facts of your case, your attorney can advise you on how to move your case forward in a timely and effective manner.

by Durga Bhurtel

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Mr. Durga P. Bhurtel has been selected for Top 50 Settlement Attorney of New York for 2018
Mr. Durga P. Bhurtel has been selected for Top 50 Settlement Attorney of New York for 2018

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