Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Lawyer - In 21% of the cases in a new investigation, patients seeking a second medical opinion got a completely different diagnosis.
Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Lawyer – In 21% of the cases in a new investigation, patients seeking a second medical opinion got a completely different diagnosis.

Medical diagnosis error or negligence can cost a lot of negativity on any individual. Diagnosis error that unnecessarily diagnoses a disease that an individual doesn’t have can cause the person to suffer from the treatment that was not necessary. It can destroy the natural flow of an individual. Most of the treatments may have many side effects and the individual has to deal with it. Also, these side effects could have been avoided if there was not an error in medical diagnosis.

Similarly, if the diagnosis didn’t detect a disease that the individual had; this can also be very serious because the individual would not be cured for the disease in the early phase of the problem itself.

Therefore, a medical diagnosis error rate should be minimized as low as practically possible. This can be achieved with everyone from all walks of life to set up an awareness in the credibility and the processes of all the medical diagnosis we perform on regular basis. On May 1, 2017, Quest Diagnostics agreed to pay the U.S. government $6 million to settle a healthcare whistleblower lawsuit. All the medical diagnosis providers should place safety and general well being of its consumers, the first priority.

Diagnosis Error Question for you

Who do you think should be liable for the error in medical diagnosis that can negatively impact the life of an individual? What do you think about those parties (like Quest Diagnostics) who are responsible for the error in medical diagnosis? Should they be regulated very strictly, so that, they would be held accountable severely for their negligence? These are some of the common questions that could come to any common individuals because we cannot avoid taking medical exams in our lifetimes. No one is immune to this process.

Mayo Clinic Study in support of this error rate on Medical Diagnosis Problem

Mayo Clinic analyzed records of 286 patients referred from primary care providers to its General Internal Medicine Division in Rochester, Minnesota over a two-year period beginning Jan. 1, 2009. Patients got a completely different diagnosis in 21% of the cases. 2/3 of patients got a modified diagnosis. And, only 12%, the diagnosis remained unchanged. Imagine!! Just a 12 percent of them were correct.

James Naessens was the team lead for this study. Naessens said, “We were surprised by the extent of change in diagnosis among the patients referred to our general medicine practice,”

“Not every patient for every problem needs a second opinion. However, with the diagnosis of a serious condition, if the condition is not responding as expected or in the situation where the primary care provider wants additional advice, it may be valuable to get another perspective.”

“Knowing that more than 1 out of every 5 referral patients may be completely (and) incorrectly diagnosed is troubling,” added Naessens, “not only because of the safety risks for these patients prior to correct diagnosis but also because of the patients we assume are not being referred at all.”

“This may prevent identification of diagnostic error, and could lead to treatment delays, complications leading to more costly treatments, or even patient harm or death,” said Naessens. “We want to encourage second opinions when the provider is not certain.”

At least 12 Million Americans are misdiagnosed each year.

Dr. Jon LaPook explains a few steps doctors and patients can take to help reduce the problem of error in diagnosis. Tell the medical history to your doctor. As a patient, be a little aggressive. Question doctors in charge.

The profession in the medical field is very hard as it involves so many people’s lives. We all need to co-operate with each other to minimize all the errors that may come during the medical process for all the individuals.

Diagnosis said she had Cancer which she didn’t!!!

There are cases where the individuals were diagnosed with Cancer even though they didn’t have cancer cells. But they were treated with Breast Cancer. This is the case with Cancer. But, individuals could be told that they have a certain disease which they don’t have and, unnecessarily be treated. Doctors could have a responsibility to allow the second opinion if the patents want to have a second opinion. Doctors could actually recommend for a second opinion and not discourage the second opinion.

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Published: 10/09/2017 | Updated: 12/02/2018 | Sources: Bhurtel Law Firm, NY Daily News

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