Construction worker Safety is very important to avoid construction accidents. New York City publishes “Construction Related Accident Reports”, every month. They are called incident report. They are mostly incident that caused fatality or injury to an individual and reported pursuant to Local Law 78 of 2017

Report Types:

  1. Excavation/Soil Work
    Construction Safety failure caused while performing soil-related operations.
  2. Material Fell
    Basically, the fall of material or building element in construction site
  3. Mechanical Construction Equipment
    Safety failure of many kinds of construction work performed by machinery and equipment
  4. Scaffold/Shed/Fence/Shoring Installation
    Safety failure of site protection temporary support and access installations which include both supported and suspended scaffolds
  5. Worker Fell
    Only those accidents that are caused by worker inattention, error, or protection equipment failed to protect.
  6. OSHA Construction Fatalities
    Construction accidents and injuries that are caused by transit and roadway projects.

Source : NYC

If you are interested, please click here to see the monthly report. These data are valuable in determining the safety practices and areas of improvement in our construction sites so that we can avoid them in the future.

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