When the physician, medical care provider facility or hospital deviated, or departed from accepted community standard of practice, and that such departure was a proximate cause of the patient’s failure administer and/or prescribed properly drug which caused injuries to patient, at that condition patient may bring action against such physician, facility or hospital.

drugs negligence lawyer in NYC
drugs negligence lawyer in NYC

In legal term, it is called medical Malpractice. And, in general term, we may say physician, hospital or clinic’s fault or wrongful act – an error which caused injury to the patient.

Physician, clinics, facility or hospital has a duty to properly prescribe and/or administer the drug to patient’s condition, and provide medical advice to his/her patient.

A physician, clinic or hospital may fail to properly prescribe and administer the drug to his/her patient. This may cause injuries to the patient. If such act or omission of physician caused injury the patient, at that condition, the patient may have a claim against physician, facility, clinic or hospital.

Some of the conditions where the patient may have a claim against physician, facility, clinic or hospital for negligence to administer drugs are:

  • Failure to administer drug to correct high blood pressure
  • Failure to administer heparin
  • Improperly administer drugs
  • Drug contraindicated or negligently prescribed
  • Failure to prescribe and administer properly drug
  • Failure to monitor patient’s condition while administering drugs

The victim of a failure to administer drugs may claim the following damages:

  • Past medical care expenses
  • Future medical care expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Past Pain and suffering
  • Future pain and suffering
  • If applicable life care expenses
  • Other damages

BLF obtains Medical expert’s medical opinion what was the cause of injuries because of failure to properly prescribe and/or administer the drug. Based on Medical Expert’s opinion BLF decides whether to process the claim or not.

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