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Durga P Bhurtel

Bhurtel Law Firm provides flexible hours at our offices in Jackson Heights. We serve Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Nassau County, New York City and the State of NY.

To schedule an appointment with attorney Durga Bhurtel, contact us by email at or call us at 718-509-6181.

In personal injury cases, we offer free initial consultations and are compensated on a contingency-fee basis, which means you owe us nothing unless you receive compensation.


Premises Defect, Hazard or Danger

  • Lead Poisoning Lawyer in Queens NY

    Affects, Signs & Sources of Lead Paint (Poisoning) in Children

    Lead paint (poisoning) is especially very vulnerable to young children. It affects their development of the brain and nervous system and it can destroy their future.

  • Avoiding Slip and Fall - Bhurtel Law Firm

    Best Practices for addressing high risk zones and ensuring floor safety

    Avoiding Slip and Fall for floor safety advice from Bhurtel Law Firm

  • Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers at Bhurtel Law Firm

    Understanding Slip and Fall Risks – A new approach | NYC Fall Injury Lawyer in Queens

    According to National Floor Safety Institute, some of the Slip and fall accident injury are fractures esp. hip fracture (5%) that could lead to spinal cord and brain injury. Trip and […]

  • Durga P. Bhurtel is a Construction Accident Lawyer NYC

    Construction Worker Accident and Injury? Know your rights for help you may need.

    Construction workers face challenges every day because they are constantly in the risk of severe injury due to the unsafe working environment and lower safety standards. The equipment they use […]

  • Construction Accident Lawyer in NYC

    Types Of Construction Accident Injuries

    Cranes, steel beams and other machines and materials make construction sites dangerous places to be and to work. However, by following safety guidelines, wearing safety gear and working responsibly, many […]

  • Queens Municipality Liability Lawyer

    Municipality Liability

    Queens Municipality Liability Lawyer Helping Clients Holding local governments accountable for your injuries Bhurtel Law Firm helps you build your case against the municipality that caused your injuries. Municipal governments have a […]

  • Utility company negligence lawyer in NYC

    Public Utility Company Negligence

    Queens Public Utility Negligence Attorney Pursue’s Negligence Dedicated to representing victims of injuries caused by utilities Bhurtel Law Firm has the experience and resources to help you collect compensation if you have […]

  • Premises Liability Attorney

    Premises Liability

    Queens Premises Liability Attorney Helps Victims of Dangerous Property Dedicated to winning you compensation from the negligent property owner Bhurtel Law Firm represents injury victims in premises liability cases arising out […]

  • Motorcycle accident lawyer in queens ny

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Queens Motorcycle Accident Attorney Supports Injured Riders We help motorcycle injury victims recover full compensation Bhurtel Law Firm provides you with representation for motorcycle accidents. Our experienced lawyer pursues the negligent […]

  • slip and fall accidents lawyer in the State of NY

    Slip & Fall

    New York Attorney Pursues Damages for Slip and Fall Victims Winning you compensation for slip and falls in Queens Bhurtel Law Firm provides you with reliable legal advice if you […]


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Case Results

  • $400,000.00 Settled for Trip and Fall on Side Walk causing Injury

    Personal Injury Attorney Bhurtel Law Firm
  • $295,000.00 Settled for Injuries to Infants – Struck by Falling Objects

    Personal Injury Attorney Bhurtel Law Firm
  • $2,870,000.00 Settled for Lead Poisoning to Children while living in Rented Apartment

    Personal Injury Attorney Bhurtel Law Firm

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